Corporate Offices

Conference room with long white topped table and many black office chairs

Every project holds immense importance, and we treat each with equal dedication and value. Whether it's a comprehensive overhaul or a smaller-scale enhancement, our commitment remains unwavering. We provide a full-service package, ensuring that from the initial purchase to installation, repairs, maintenance, and planning for the future, L&M stands by you. We're not just a service provider; we're your guides and steadfast support throughout the journey of crafting, maintaining, and evolving your spaces to their fullest potential.

Inspired Workspace Solutions

Open floor plan office space with shared work spaces and cubicles.

Inspired Workspace Solutions

With L&M as your partner, let’s discuss the nature of your business and find solutions that meet your budget and fulfill your objectives. From efficient workstations for individual contributors to tastefully appointed meeting rooms and executive offices, your well-designed spaces and high-performing furniture await.

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HON | Ignition

HON Ignition furniture display of a private meeting space with round table surrounded by three office shairs. A TV is mounted on the wall behind.

HON | Voi

HON Voi furniture display showing an open floor plan office setting with several desks and office chairs.

HON | Between

HON Between furniture display containing a U-shaped meeting table with chairs arranged along the outer edge.