Hospital room with cushioned bench seating

L&M’s healthcare-furnishing specialists are eager to help you design and outfit your practice. From chairs, couches and tables in your waiting areas to modular storage and ergonomic equipment in your examination and procedure spaces, we cover every inch of the 21st-century patient-care environment.

Waiting Areas

Waiting area lounge with cushioned seating and bench.

Waiting Areas

From the moment a patient enters your facility they should feel as relaxed and reassured as possible. At L&M, we get the vital importance of creating calming environments in healthcare settings. We look forward to collaborating with you to design and furnish waiting areas that unite function, comfort, style and safety, giving your patients the best start to their visit with you.

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Examination/ Procedure Rooms

Examination room with cabinet storage, lounge chair and wheeled stool

Examination/Procedure Rooms

L&M ensures healthcare practitioners have the most practical, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective furnishings that stand up to the rigors of a busy practice. Ergonomic patient chairs and examination tables, modular storage, monitor arms, keyboard trays, footrests and more – all at fair prices with reliable warranties.

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HON | ignition

HON Ignition line furniture display of an examination room with chairs and cabinet storage

kimball | alterna

Kimball Alterna line furniture display of examination room with cushioned couch and chair seating and cabinet storage along the wall

HON | soothe

HON Soothe line furniture display of waiting area with cushioned chairs and reception desk